Yes the buses are horrible

The new bus timetable is as bad as I feared. I now spend around 30 minutes more each day in travel, the bus stop isn’t near my work anymore and I have to leave the house earlier and leave work earlier.

 So no idea what Action buses were thinking when they made this but I think the word ‘Thinking’ is being overly generous.

So anyway, no new news here except that I have been slack and not taking photo’s. I can’t even really blame World of Warcraft, as I wasn’t taking many photo’s before I started playing again.

Perhaps it is just Canberra. In Brisbane there was always the river, the gardens, Southbank etc and plenty of Overclockers meets to go to. In Canberra I really didn’t expect that things would be so based around the ability to drive. Basically if you don’t drive in Canberra, you are screwed.

So there is nowhere for me to go to take photo’s. And yes I should be taking them of anything, even the garden etc but it is hard to work up enough care factor about Canberra to even do that much. It’s as if I don’t want a photographic record of ever having been here lol.

So anyway, enough rambling from me. Back to the void again I go.

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