Writing and Nanowrimo

Well it’s November, and that means usually I’m sitting around for most of the month debating if I’m going to write anything this year, until it’s too late and nothing has been achieved at all.

This year I’m a few days late, but I’m actually going to give it a shot. The impetus for this decision mostly comes because I just finished reading a particularly crappy fantasy novel that I bought on Amazon for 99c.

Now it was self published, and I knew what I was getting into by the price tag etc. However, this book had pretty good reviews attached to it (which is the subject of an entirely different set of worries given its poor quality). No, what was most interesting was the blog post of the author discussing his profits and sales of this and other novels.

He was actually making more money in a year off these sub standard books than I do in my current job. Given this financial motivation, I suddenly find myself more enthused for the whole writing gig I had mostly given up on.

There has always been this impression of insurmountable odds in getting published that has aborted most of my enthusiasm for writing over the years. I’m also easily sidetracked and lazy, which doesn’t exactly help matters at all regardless. So now that self publishing is starting to look like a more viable option, I think I shall give it a shot.

So back to this month. I currently have some google docs setup with my current stories in them. I’ll likely move those over into my archived wordpress blog, or try out some sort of posterous integration. Not sure exactly how, but after this weekend regular writing will start appearing on the web.

So there you have it. A plan exists, now I just have to show the will to follow through. Wish me luck 🙂